The ninth vehicle in the BSM Fleet, affectionately named “Betty,” carries a legacy as enduring and powerful as its namesake, Betty Riley, an Air Force veteran. Betty Riley, embodying the spirit of the Mustang, demonstrated remarkable strength and resilience throughout her life, especially during her tenure as a 1st Lieutenant in the Medical Corps amidst the Vietnam era. In 1986, she bravely confronted and overcame breast cancer, a challenge faced by approximately 700 veterans annually. However, her journey of courage didn’t end there. As of 2021, a staggering 457,391 veterans have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s/Dementia, a battle Betty herself began in 2018. The Mustang, numbered 018 in her honor, mirrors her remarkable attributes: it is sleek, powerful, and exudes a sense of indomitable beauty. Betty Riley is more than a name; she is a symbol of perseverance and dignity, encapsulating the roles of a wife, sister, mother, woman, and a proud veteran.

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